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"Whenever you see a successful business,
someone once made a courageous decision." (Peter Drucker)

What is GTS&C ?

GTS&C is a company created as a result of the increasing demand of support from many companies to define and to articulate their strategy within the Asian market, and especially with China. Thus, our contribution of value is in collaborating with each company to define its own strategy and, once defined, to develop it in China making it sustainable along the time.


GTS&C offers support to thirds after several years of own and direct experience in the Chinese market. GTS&C offers a close, direct and committed relation with their customers with the aim to become a natural extension of customer's own organization. It is, therefore, an efficient, pragmatic and realistic option to start and to develop activities within China.


Our goal customers are companies that focus their activity development in relation to China with a middle term focus and with a global mentality and vision.


At the present time the phenomenon of the globalisation appears to us like an indisputable reality.


This reality can represent for each company a threat or an opportunity depending on the company's attitude.